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Lavender Pauline Molloy Natural Therapies
Essential Oils Order Form

Indicate how many of each oil you wish to order in the "Quantity" column. The total amount of your order will be calculated automatically. When you are ready, just print out the form.

If ordering from within the British Isles please add £2.50 to the calculated total to cover postage and packing.

If ordering from overseas, please e-mail Pauline: pmolloy@wortech.ac.uk

Please send cheques in UK£ made payable to P A Molloy, completed form and details of your delivery address, to:

Pauline Molloy
10 Westhill Court
125 Brandwood Park Road
Kings Heath
B14 6QX

Please note, the calculated total is in pence!

Special note for Netscape Navigator users: individual item quantity details do not print! The total is calculated, and prints, correctly but you will need to write in the quantity required against each item. Thanks.

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Essential OilQuantity PriceTotal
Benzoin 5ml 160p
Benzoin 10ml 300p
Bergamot 5ml 260p
Bergamot 10ml 495p
Black Pepper 5ml 210p
Black Pepper 10ml 390p
Chamomile 5ml 875p
Chamomile 10ml 1290p
Citronella 5ml 130p
Citronella 10ml 240p
Clary Sage 5ml 260p
Clary Sage 10ml 495p
Cypress 5ml 230p
Cypress 10ml 450p
Eucalyptus 5ml 130p
Eucalyptus 10ml 250p
Fennel 5ml 200p
Fennel 10ml 350p
Frankincense 5ml 430p
Frankincense 10ml 825p
Geranium 5ml 260p
Geranium 10ml 495p
Ginger 5ml 260p
Ginger 10ml 480p
Grapefruit 5ml 160p
Grapefruit 10ml 295p
Juniperberry 5ml 360p
Juniperberry 10ml 695p
Lavender 5ml 150p
Lavender 10ml 290p
Lemon 5ml 160p
Lemon 10ml 295p
Lemongrass 5ml 150p
Lemongrass 10ml 290p
Marjoram 5ml 400p
Marjoram 10ml 795p
Myrrh 5ml 460p
Myrrh 10ml 895p
Orange 5ml 160p
Orange 10ml 295p
Patchouli 5ml 150p
Patchouli 10ml 290p
Peppermint 5ml 160p
Peppermint 10ml 295p
Rosemary 5ml 150p
Rosemary 10ml 290p
Rosewood 5ml 200p
Rosewood 10ml 380p
Sandalwood 5ml 520p
Sandalwood 10ml 975p
Tea Tree 5ml 230p
Tea Tree 10ml 425p
Ylang Ylang 5ml 260p
Ylang Ylang 10ml 480p
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