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Common Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy

The aromatic essence of the plant is extracted i.e. the essential oil - a highly concentrated and powerful healing agent. Each oil possesses a variety of healing properties and all are antiseptic to some degree. They promote healing, restoring body, mind and spirit to a state of balance & well-being. Oils are used in a number of ways:- massage, steam inhalation, compress, vapourisers, bath and shower.

BENZOIN  Oil of the Month Mar 05 

Uplifting, anti-depressant, warming, comforting, Helps poor circulation, arthritis, gout. Clears respiratory system. Anti-inflammatory; dry, chapped skin.


Uplifting & refreshing, helps with anxiety, depression & nervous tension; useful in skin care, respiratory and digestive systems.


Warming & Stimulating. Helps muscular stiffness, aches & pains, useful to massage before & after exercise. Digestive, helps respiratory, stimulates circulation. Use lower dilution. Can be irritant / toxic.


Astringent. Good for oily skin & itchy scalp. Chronic arthritis, rheumatism. Nervous tension, expectorant. Moth repellent. Use in moderation


Soothing. Anxiety, tension. Muscular aches e.g. low back pain. Digestive system, helps with irritable bowel syndrome. Excellent for many skin conditions. Gentle & Relaxing oil.


Clearing, helps depression, headaches. Strong insect repellent. Skin irritant


Relaxing. Useful for PMT, muscle & nervous tension. Euphoric effect. Scalp problems. Encourages labour; helps in post natal depression.


Tonic & astringent. Natural deodorant. Good for footbaths, cellulite, fluid retention. Varicose veins; muscular cramps. Coughs.


Clearing & anti-viral. Use for colds & flu, fever. Muscular aches & pains. Gallstones.


Diuretic. Ideal for Cellulite; maintains body fluid balance. PMT; mimics oestrogen. Expels toxins, clears digestive system. Expectorant. Skin cleanser.

FRANKINCENSE  Oil of the Month Dec 04 

Rejuvenating. Good for mature skin. Deeply relaxing, used for meditation. Clears catarrh; soothes stomach.


Balancing, regulating, harmonising, good for PMT; balances and cleanses skin. Anxiety, depression; circulatory tonic; fluid retention; gall stones.

GINGER   Oil of the Month Feb 05 

Warming, fortifying. Muscle tonic. Aids digestion. Helps aches & pains. Sharpens senses, memory. Nausea, circulatory stimulant. Pain relieving.


Uplifting , detoxifying. Cleansing to liver; helps fat digestion; hangovers. Useful for acne, cellulite. Helps with stress, anger, mood swings. Respiratory e.g. colds.

JUNIPERBERRY  Oil of the Month Jan 05 

Diuretic, cleansing & detoxifying. Arthritis, rheumatism; cellulite; skin tonic. Liver tonic, regulates obesity. Purifies atmosphere. Avoid in kidney disease


Relaxing & healing. Excellent for headaches, stress, burns, insect bites, insomnia, tension, anti-inflammatory, high blood pressure, muscular aches & pains.

LEMON   Oil of the Month Apr 05 

Antiseptic & astringent. Refreshing & stimulating. Used on bites & warts. tonic to circulation- high blood pressure, varicose veins, anaemia. Stimulates immune system,


Stimulating, revitalising. Aching muscles, tired legs & feet. Neutralises odours. Insect Repellent. Good for sweaty feet.


Warming & penetrating. Aches & pains. Calming for anxiety & stress. Good for migraines & insomnia. Useful after exercise.


Expectorant, stimulates immune system. Stomach tonic. Mouth ulcers. Helps dry, chapped skin, weeping eczema, athlete's foot.


Relaxing & sensual. Excellent for healing all skin types. Clarifies mind. Helps curb appetite; water retention.


Cooling & clearing. Aids digestion & travel sickness. Effective for tired & hot feet. Fatigue, depression. Sunburn. Toothache, muscular aches. Antidote to homoeopathic remedies.


Stimulating. Relieves muscular fatigue & pain; clears the mind helping memory & concentration. Headache, migraine. Clears digestive system. Low blood pressure. Stimulates hair growth.


Relaxing, subtle & balancing. Can calm exam nerves. Comforts, warms, uplifts. Skin healing. Boosts immune system.


Sedative, comforting; useful for meditation. Anxiety. Anti-inflammatory. Useful in skin care.


Anti-depressive. Aids vitamin C absorption. High blood cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia. Skin tonic.


Antiseptic, cleansing, medicinal. Essential for first aid kit. Refreshing, revitalising. Stimulates immune system. Strong anti-viral; flu, cold sores. Deters head lice.


Sensual, sweet, exotic. Reputed for aphrodisiac. suitable for all skin types. Relaxant, sedative; anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, palpitations. Softening skin care oil, hair tonic. Use in moderation.

Although many more essential oils exist, the oils listed above are some of the most useful. Between them they cover a full range of therapeutic benefits, with minimal non-benefical effects.


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